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Ashley @ MTV Movie Awards

This is probably my favorite outfit I've seen her in! I think she looks amazing!

EXACT DRESS (Sold Out):  Bebe Sexy Slim V-Neck Dress
(This dress was available in the pink quite awhile back and I had remembered seeing it.)

EXACT SHOES ($170): Betsey Johnson Jalia Shoes

I've tried looking for the bustier/cami she's wearing underneath but haven't found anything remotely similar. If I do, It'll be posted here =)

Hayden Panettiere; An Evening With Heroes

EXACT for $398

Shoes, not exact but close:
Here for $34.50

Bag, not exact:
Here for $49.99
Here for $52.99
Here for $55.99
Here for $52.99 *Closest

not exact, but good substitutes:
Dress #1 here for $44.00
Dress #2 here for $52.00

Shoes * EXACT
Marc by Marc Jacobs for $194.20

not an exact match, but you can imitate the style with these:

Dress @ Nordstrom here for $348.00
Handbag #1 here for $725.00
Handbag #2 here for $178.00

I had to post these two guides. I love her outfits!

Hey guys! This is my first post here, so I'm pretty stoked! I run a Dress Like Vanessa site called "Dress Like Ness" so I love this kind of stuff! On to the guide!

Shirt (Exact): Alternative Apparel in PINK $40.00
Vest (Exact):
Free People in BROWN $29.99
Pants: Old Navy $20.00

I haven't been able to locate anything remotely to the shoes but will keep trying. If anyone finds them, feel free to comment :)

Vanessa & Ashley

Vanessa - TRL/2006Collapse )

Ashley - Verizon/2007Collapse )

I hope you enjoyed what I posted. I had difficulty finding the right top for Vanessa's outfit. If you found a better one please post it! Thanks.

Vanessa Hudgens' KCA 2007 Style

Dress @ Betsey Johnson for $201
Shoes @ Christian Louboutin Yoclou for $595
Bracelets @ Urban Outfitters for $20

Grand Total: $816.00